This is a place for the Secret Librarian Book Club.  We are a group of Secret Librarians reading books and talking about our secret lives as librarians.  We were founded in 2011 by Jen R as a continuation of the SJSU SLIS 202 class. (Thanks for the novel idea.) The original idea was for us librarians and librarians in training to discuss books. However, if you are simply a bibliophile, we just might make an exception for you.

The Secret Club Facts: (Updated 12/14/11)

  1. Current Members: 8
  2. Current Admins: Jen R and cynthiaalise
  3. Members (Or Authors) are allowed to publish, edit and delete their own posts. However, only administrators are allowed to monitor and delete posts published by other people.
  4. Members are allowed up upload and post pictures to the blog.
  5. Non-Members are free to comment on posts, but please adhere to the Rules of Conduct below.

The Not So Secret Code of Conduct:

  1. The first rule about the Secret Librarian Book Club is not to talk about the Secret Librarian Book Club.*
  2. Remember even though we are secret, we are also public. Please keep that in mind when creating posts or comments. If you wouldn’t want your child to say it. Don’t post it.
  3. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and we welcome discussions and debate. But please do not be hurtful.
  4. Anyone found to be in violation of the above is subject to the removal of their publishing right and/or blocked from commenting.
* Haha couldn’t resist putting that in there. Feel free to talk about the book club, we are on a public site after all. And if you know other SLIS students/profs or Bibliophiles feel free to let them know about the site!

Contact Your Secret Administrators:

Jen R



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