The Help

Hi all,

I’ve moved onto my next book and I’m about perhaps 100 pages from the end. I’m finally reading The Help and my goodness is it longer than I thought! I wanted to read it a while ago, but I felt bad that I would take so long to read it with school when it had 5 bagillion holds on it. So now that’s its break I’m jumping right on it before I watch the movie. I think it’s really well written and I can totally read a voice for each character. I’m a little sad it’s fiction though, because then it would be like I’m reading the book Miss Skeeter was writing throughout the whole book. I’m sure that’s still the premise behind it, but it owuld be cooler if it were true.

I haven’t read much about this time in history (novel wise) and so it’s refreshing to have a new topic to think about.


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