The Hunger Games

Yes I really am reading books this fast over break 🙂

Ok I’ve been waiting to get The Hunger Games forEVER it seems like and I finally got it and read it. All I can say is HOLY COW. This book was amazing I loved it, I’m so angry I’m still #12 on the holds list for the second one!!

What’s weird is I started writing a book that was almost exactly the same concept for NaNoWriMo last year and I hadn’t ever read the hunger games or anything like that. Creepy…I kept reading and thinking…omg I wrote this…sort of…

I’m sure some of you have read this, esp with the movie coming out. What did you think??


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2 responses to “The Hunger Games

  • Allison H.

    I started reading the series in November while we were still in school. It was a horrible mistake as I couldn’t put the book down to do homework. I ended up buying the whole series on my kindle and finishing it in five days. The author knew how to keep me reading. 🙂

  • Jen R

    I love authors that can do that, but hate when I find one when I’m really busy with school.

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