Bring out your dead!

It’s been such a busy semester that I have not visited for a while. But I have managed to sneak in a couple good reads:

The great mortality: an intimate history of the Black Death, the most devastating plague of all time, by John Kelly

Ok, I know it sounds really morbid, but it’s actually pretty lively and interesting – did you know that it was actually called the Great Mortality at the time, not the Black Death. That term was coined a century or so later by a historian.

After that, I needed some “palate cleansing” so I checked out “The Sweet Potato Queens first big ass novel”. If you don’t know the Sweet Potato Queens, you should! Their motto is: If it ain’t fun, we ain’t doin’ it (actually thinking I might make that my new personal credo…life is too short!) Fun, silly stuff, but a quick, easy read with no redeeming value – good for a weekend.

Over the semester break I read: The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks, by Rebecca Skloot. Great investigative writing that discusses issues about medical research and who owns the tissues that are harvested from your body (for whatever reason).

Hope everyone is having a good semester!


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